G’s Secret Mission

Welcome  back Agent!

The second mission is from Gary the Gadget Guy more commonly known as “G”.


Secret Agent G has your mission in the sport shop. You will be asked to prove you are an agent before he assigns you the mission.

  1. You will be in front of G at the beginning of the mission. Go through the dialogue and he will ask you to solve a riddle, “To find the secret word look near a lively game; pointing to a path with a rabbit in its name”.
  2. Go to the Ski Mountain and click on the sign post on the mountain. Decode the sign that is pointing directly to the right side, which is the one for Bunny Hill. The secret word is “mogul”.
  3. Head back to G and tell him the word is “mogul”. He will then reveal his prototype sled for you to test drive, and he will tell you to head to the top of the Ski Mountain. Place the sled in your inventory.
  4. Once on Ski Mountain, take the sled out of the inventory and click on “Test Run” with the sled. After test-running it for a while, the sled will break and you will crash.
  5. You wake up in the middle of the wilderness with a survival guide in front of you. If you move to the right, there will be a piece of rope. Place both of those items in your inventory and move back to the original position. You will see a O-berry bush ahead of you. Move forward to the bush.
  6. Place three O-berries in your inventory and move to the right until you see a tree with a pot in the branches. Click on the tree to shake the pot down. Move back to the original position and move forward to the stump. You will see five puffles playing near the stump. Give one O-berry to the black puffle.
  7. He will now follow you. Move to the left until you see a road leading to a log. Head down that road and there will be a ski in a bush. Put the ski in your inventory and head back to the O-berry bush. At the O-berry bush head left until you see a stream and head down the road to the stream.
  8. In your inventory, combine the ski, the rope, and one O-berry. Scroll left at the stream and place the ski in the water. You will catch a fish, and place the fish in your inventory. Take the pot from the inventory and place it in the stream. You will now have a pot full with water.
  9. Scroll to the right and pick up the piece of log on the floor. Head down the road to the cave and click on the bushes to enter the cave.
  10. Inside the cave scroll right and there will be a hole in the floor with rocks surrounding it. Click on the rocks and it will gather around the hole. Place the log in the hole and the survival guide which it will get ripped up. Give the last O-berry to the puffle and it will start a fire. (If you run out of O-berries before this part, you can go back to the bush to get more.)
  11. Put the fish on the fire and pick it back up to eat it. Next put the pot of water on the fire and pick it back up to drink it. You will then fall asleep.
  12. When you wake up, head outside and a guy with a jetpack will be there to pick you up. (He is known as Jet Pack Guy).
  13. After the dialogue, he will take you back to G. After the dialogue with G, the mission will end.

Congratulations! You have completed the second mission, and as a reward, there is another medal of excellence as well as a letter from G.

Happy Waddling!